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Whether booking your next business trip or holiday you want to know that you’re in safe hands. CS Travel is committed to providing an outstanding level of personalized service.

Dave and Mia offer expert knowledge and advice, courteous service delivered with efficiency, consistency and accuracy while remaining  cost effective.

CS Travel is a Broker for the Travel Managers Group.

Dave Chappell

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and wealth of personal travel knowledge, I take pride in offering my clients a professional full service travel solution. I enjoy tackling complex itineraries whilst ensuring I find the very best offers. Working in a fast paced and ever changing industry, the key to my success is to offer a consistent, reliable and efficient service to my clients.

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Mia has been in the travel industry since 2005 and travelled extensively to places like Australia, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, Taiwan, UK & Europe, the African continent including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, and places a little further away from home like USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

She is a TICO certified and IATA registered broker. From starting off her career in retail in New Zealand to specialising in corporate travel for the last 7 years in Canada and arranging travel from the other side of the world, the excitement of planning someone’s first overseas adventure or holiday of a lifetime is infectious and something she never get tired of.

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